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MyEasyCom - Revolutionise E-Commerce!

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Sell on the web easily and effectively

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MyEasyCom Quick to work and selling fast!

Full e-commerce system with integrated CRM.
Easy to use, without facilities
Closed price, no surprises
Designed for Positioning in Google
open source, allows 100% modified, the code is yours.
Unlimited users or payment by number of users
Total customer management (CRM Advanced included)

-Incidencias And Orders.
-Commercial activities.
-Marketing Management integrated email.
-Includes 16 hours of customization.
-Includes 32 hours of programming, configuration and training.

1. It helps you sell more and better
2. It helps you to find more customers and improve sales that already have
3. Complete solution at a fixed price.
4. No more to develop your e-commerce. Satisfaction guaranteed.
5. Prepared to connect with your management system / ERP. (SUPER open! And open source)
6. Our e-commerce experts will help you at all times, to be a success
7. Forget recurring payments or by users and licenses.
8. Designed to connect: with your ERP, program management, etc.
9. High Quality Hosting included (first year)

Advanced customer management / CRM
An e-commerce with good customer management, and vice versa is essential if you prepare your business to grow. Whether you have a CRM or not, MyEasyCom synchronizes with your customers.

-Pedidos, Customers and products.
-Categories And attributes (EAN)
-POSTAGE and advanced electronic communication with your customers
-Campaigns Commercial, objectives and tasks
-Infinitos Search fields: customer type, ABC classification, etc ..
Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard -Connector (all versions) and development of other platforms (SAGE, etc.)

Extensive product catalog management
Manage a dynamic list of products by managing MyEasyCom. Even if the store has one or thousands of products, the administrative web interface allows you to manage complex inventory and update it with a single 'click'. Set attributes, classify products, expand discounts, and more.

-Load initial CSV and EXCEL product
-Create A way to catalog
Massive -Cargas / synchronization management programs
-Allows Products not available for sale
-Show Unit prices on products
-Management Of barcodes: UPC / EAN
-Inventory management
-Notification Availability to your end customer.
-Number Minimum purchase
And unlimited sub-categories
unlimited-attributes (types, colors, etc.)
Product -Combinaciones unlimited
Automated combinations -Generator
Product -Characteristics unlimited
-Paquetes Of products and accessories
-prices with special discount by percentage or fixed amount.
-Facturas And PDF delivery receipts
-List Of materials (composites)
-Management Manufacturers / Brands
-Management Of suppliers
-customize Products individually or collectively
-Sales Cross: recommendation related products
-Filter Product attributes, terms or statistical data
-Edit Product labels
-Management Of returns.
-export Orders and invoices, connection management program

Advanced Sales Order Management.
Show products in a unique way, very different from your competition and provide its customers various options to display the desired products. Total customization of the sheet.

-Compare products
-Images Unlimited with automatic resizing
-Multiple Product images or videos.
-Zoom To product images
-Watermark Product images
Fast -Search products
-Comments Customers about products
Customer -Reseñas
-Search By alias
-Visualization Price: with or without VAT
-Choice Of number of products to display per page
-Notificaciones By e-mail product out of stock.
-Show Quantities available
-Classification Of products by relevance, price, etc.
-Print Sheets products
Products -Adjuntar documents (user guides, etc.)
-Show Products in the same category
-Fixing Price multilevel
-Building Product attributes
-Statistics Product page: Date of last purchase.
-Show Content basket
-Show Product categories
Daily management of online commerce
Manage your trade easily using MyEasyCom. Business owners can enjoy editing content, manage product deployments, and change languages; all from the administration.

-customize The store without changing the essential
-Localizador Of your store in google maps
-customize Images and content of the homepage
-Show Featured products on the homepage
-Insert Advertising banners
-Contact Form.
-Route Client navigation screen
-Show Best sellers
-Report Of all forms of payment available
-Links In footer
-Suscripción The newsletter "newsletter"
-Visualization Complete customer account
-Visualization Supplier
-Visualization Links to useful means
-Notices Legality / LOPD
-Choose currency
-Choose languages
-Remplazar photos
-Customizing Templates: customizable image
-Module To import shops
Compatible with all web browsers
customizable -Favicon
-editor Online text fonts.

Position yourself in Google
Optimize the page and make sure that the search engines are important including the store. By simply placing traffic keywords appropriate site tags, the store could be positioned as first choice on Google!

-Amigable Seekers
-Reescribe URL
-URL Simplified for each product
-Map Google site
-site auto-generated map
-Files Automatic robot.txt
-Files Automatic .htaccess
permanent -Links
-Edite Product labels
-labels Title, meta tags, meta description, etc.
'In accordance with W3C
-Reduce The time of loading the products
-URL Canonical: prevents duplicate content

Get successfully complete the sales
MyEasyCom offers checkout on one page plus other features. Customize fields to gather information.

-End Purchase on a Page
-End Purchase as a guest (without registering)
-Make An order in a 'click'
-Personalice Order status
-Messages Predefined order
-Set The minimum order quantity
I ordered products stock.
-Special offers
-Charging Basket from an Excel file.
-Ability To upselling
-Gift wrap
Billable gift -Envoltura
Purchases saved -Cesta configured via timeout
-Place Conditions of sale at checkout

Intelligent Management Shipping
MyEasyCom contains flexible shipping modules and is fully integrated with the major carriers. Provide customers with reliable shipping options and the ability to include custom messages. Regulate logistics as charges, weight, shipping restrictions with major transportation agencies: SEUR, DHL, NACEX, MRW, etc ...

unlimited -Transportistas
unlimited -Destinos
Shipping -Discounts
-Transportistas By zones or provinces
-Follow Package
-Notificaciones By e-mail shipping
-Collect In store
By manipulation -Charges
-Sending Configurable free: amount, country, etc ...
-Facturación By price or weight
, Home-billing and shipping different
Esti- mates of postal charges for extras.

Multiple forms of Payments
MyEasyCom is integrated with numerous payment options and allows multiple forms of payment

-PayPal Preconfigured
bank -Pasarela: CECA, 4B, VISA, etc ...
-Google Checkout
-Taxes Set by country, state, county
-options Unlimited payment, including check or bank transfer
-Filter By country or currency payment
-Filter Payment by customer group
-Cash on delivery

MyEasyCom offers a variety of promotional tools and built-in marketing.
-Add video
-Send E-mails
-Redirigir Visitors
-export Products searchers.
-Follow Automated e-mails
-Subscription to the news bulletin
-program "Refer a friend"
-Products combined
-Products Recently observed
-Cupones / Vouchers
-Integrate Google Adwords (google advertising)
-Program Affiliate
-Videos Product presentation
-Cupones discounts
promotional -tools

Your customer is most imporant: Login personalized customer.

Customer satisfaction is the key to always keep them loyal and increase sales. Provide customers an easy start session through their own personal account.

-Fast Customer Login
-Accounts Customers, Historical.
-Ability To send messages via web.
-Management Return
-customer Service online / advanced chat. (Assistant at purchase)
-Campos Custom.

Make your customers feel safe to shop online. A secure connection is essential for electronic commerce. Includes Certificate SSL (HTTPS), MyEasyCom is equipped with everything you need for a merchant to feel secure.

-Copies Daily and weekly security of all data.
-Analyze Orders, with Fia-Net
-Multiple users
Establish security permissions for users
Maintenance -mode
SSL encryption -Certified
-Back Office safe
-Set Password expiration
-Encriptación Password and cookie
Resistance to XSS attacks, CSRF type, SQL injections, distant inclusions, path -transversal
-Lock Injections header e-mail
Cookies -Encriptación
-Lock Of repeated attempts to recover passwords
-Follow Online fraud with Secuvad

Sell ​​worldwide: Location / Taxes
The MyEasyCom tracking system can detect where a customer is located and calculate taxes or promotions appointed by the merchant. Additionally, you can set exchange rates and allowing customers to choose the currency of your choice.

Unlimited tax -Types
-Format Of residence according to country
unlimited -Divisas
-Synchronization Of exchange rates
-Types Tax by state, province or country
-Time zones
-Format Currency
-Setting Eco Tax
-Sales In the Canary Islands / Ceuta and Melilla, etc ...

Analysis and Reporting
The reports are the key to monitoring and performance optimization. Traders should monitor sales and visitor interactions to understand the efforts that are working and those that need improvement.

-Follow The visitor activity
-See Customer profiles
-Reports Orders and sales
Google baskets -Visualizaciones
-made With Google Analytics
-Reports Keywords
-Management Of "page not found"
-geographic location of your customers
-Búsquedas In store
-Statistics Carriers
-See Best suppliers
-Categories, Coupons, product ..
-Interest Conversion by category
Customer interaction -Estadística

1.3.0 del 25/04/2017 SSL + SEO
1.2.0 del 01/09/2016 mejora en rendimiento y adaptado a AWS Amazon

1.1.0 del 01/08/2016 mejora en rendimiento
1.0.0 del 01/07/2016 versión inicial


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MyEasyCom - Revolutionise E-Commerce!

MyEasyCom - Revolutionise E-Commerce!

Sell on the web easily and effectively

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