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MyEasyApp - Revolutionise E-Commerce!

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We create the App of your eCommerce

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MyEasyApp Quick to work and fast to sell!

INCREASE YOUR SALES The conversion rate of visits in sales is higher than the traditional web.
MULTI LANGUAGE Design of banners, menus and sub-menus of the App in different languages.
PURCHASE CART Integration of the number of products of the cart in the menu of the App.
FIDELIZATION Increase of loyalty in users who download the App.
Configuration of the design of the App.
Customization of banners, texts and colors with your corporate image.

Our Clients are Our best Advertising

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Send 20,000 free push notifications per month.

PROGRAMMING Sending scheduled push notifications by date and time.

FORM Send push notifications by segmentation by form.

GEOLOCALIZATION Send push notifications through geolocation segmentation.

CRM Send push notifications through segmentation by information from your CRM.

API Send push notifications through API.

HOME Option to create a home with banners with access to different categories and subcategories of eCommerce.

LANDING PAGE Information page about a product or promotion, can be sent by notification.

MENU Design of menus inferior, lateral or central.

SUBMENÚ Design of list or central submenus.

APP ANALYTICS Tracking visits and sales of the App from Google Analytics.

UTM UTM in notifications with identification of source, medium and campaign.

SOCIAL NETWORKS Social networks are integrated into the App in a very simple way.

1.0.0 del 01/11/2017 versión inicial

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MyEasyApp - Revolutionise E-Commerce!

MyEasyApp - Revolutionise E-Commerce!

We create the App of your eCommerce

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